June 2013

10 Tips for Motorcycle Gearing

Here is how to gear your bike for your weight, riding style and personal peccadilloes. NUMBER ONE: GEARING UP OR GEARING DOWN Don’t confuse gearing up with gearing down.  Gearing up, either by using a larger countershaft or smaller rear sprocket, decreases the final drive ratio and adds more speed to the motorcycle.  Gearing down, which increases the final… Read more 10 Tips for Motorcycle Gearing

TM Motorcycles USA Dealer

TM Motorcycles USA has taken the Motocross World by storm and many people are looking for USA based TM Motorcycle Dealers. We are happy to announce that the Mayhem Racing Team is now an authorized dealer of TM Motorcycles. If you are looking to purchase a new TM Motorcycle for racing, you have no need… Read more TM Motorcycles USA Dealer