Jonah Dowd has Won the Dunlop MTF Contest

Dunlop MTF Contest

A big congratulations is due to Jonah Dowd for being one of the winners of the Dunlop MTF Contest. The Dunlop MTF Contest is giving away a one week stay at the legendary Millsaps Training Facility for Amateur Motocross Riders. We have just recieved the official news:

Congratulations Jonah Dowd, you have been selected to be the recipient of a one week camp at Millsaps Training Facility in Cairo Georgia. Your results, enthusiasm and written desire stood out amongst thousands of entries, and on the behalf of Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, it’s my sincere pleasure to present this news to you.

MTF is a world class facility. Dunlop is proud to be affiliated with them. And as the official Tire of MTF, we’re happy we can provide this opportunity for you to experience first hand what a week at MTF can do to improve your riding skills.

Congratulations again, and thank you for your support of Dunlop and


Primo P. Marotto
Mgr. Amateur MX Support
Team Dunlop

Jonah Dowd, you are one lucky kid to be going to stay for one week at  Millsaps Training Facility. But we know that luck is not the prevailing factor in you winning this sponsorship. You won this sponsorship because of all your hard work, determination, and the way you conduct yourself on and off the track.

You really deserve this buddy and everyone from the Mayhem Racing Team is happy for you!

Everyone needs to check out the videos of the Millsaps Training Facility.

Here is a link to the MTF Official Video for the One Week Camp

Millsaps Training Facility: The Track


Millsaps Training Facility: The Bunk House


Millsaps Training Facility: The Kitchen/Game Room


Millsaps Training Facility: The Gym


Millsaps Training Facility: The Shop

Congratulations Jonah Dowd and remember that you earned this!

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