Kyle Ahola #68

Kyle Ahola #68

Kyle Ahola #68 is one of the founding members of Mayhem Racing. Kyle is from L’Anse Michigan and is currently a senior at  L’Anse High School and will graduate in 2012. Kyle started racing motocross in late 2010 with a few races under his belt at the end of the year. In 2011 he raced his first full season and took the AMA’s Distirct 16 by absolute storm.

Here are a few of his highlights from the 2011 season:

2011 1st in Points 250 C AMA District 16
2011 1st in Points Open C AMA District 16
2011 1st in Points 250 C Northern Route MX series
2011 1st in Points Open C Northern Route MX Series

Kyle says he loves racing motocross and plans on racing til he can’t race any longer.

Kyle is a hell of a good kid and he is certainly a very humble superstar on the rise. We know Kyle is going to have a very successful 2012 season and we can’t wait to see how his riding style progresses as he becomes more and more confident in his amazing abilities as a racer.

Kyle Ahola Killing the Competition at X-mas Motosports Track in Christmas MI


Kyle Ahola Motocross Whip


Kyle Ahola Insane Motocross Action Shots:


Kyloe Ahola Flying Sky High


Kyle Ahola Motocross Jump


Kyle Ahola Ripping Around a Corner


Kyle Ahola Roosting Around a Berm


Kyle Ahola Just Jumped Over the Gigantic Pine Trees


 Kyle Ahola Hole Shot

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