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Loretta Lynn Motocross


Congratulations Jonah Dowd and Landen Mattson in their Recent Loretta Lynn Motocross

Everybody really needs to take their hats off to Mayhem Racing’s very own Landen Mattson and Jonah Dowd as these boys made it to the Loretta Lynn Motocross 2012 North Central Youth Regional Championships at the SpringCreek MX Park in Millville MN this past weekend. They were invited out to the tournament as the best in their respective motocross classes representing AMA District 16.

Our kids gave it their all in their first chance in the big leagues of the Loretta Lynn Amateur Youth Motocross and they definitely worked their butts off to earn their spots at this prestigious motocross event. We could be nothing but proud of them and as we watched them take on the giants with the fearless grace that they approach each and every race with. They weren’t able to qualify to move on in the Loretta Lynn Motocross Amateur Championships but we all know that just being asked to come out and ride the professional track with all of the best youth riders from across the nation in the North Central Youth Regional is one hell of an achievement in itself. Especially when you consider that these two are only 2nd and 3rd year beginner racers.

To be invited to the Loretta Lynn Motocross Regionals you must first qualify through 2 preliminary rounds and be the best in your AMA District classes. Racing at the Loretta Lynn Regionals means you will be riding against the best racers, on some of the hardest tracks in the country.

So when you see Jonah Dowd and Landen Mattson, congratulate them on their recent achievements in one of the greatest amateur motocross events on earth and remember that you will be speaking with 2 boys who are becoming legends in the making.

If you don’t know what the big deal about the Youth Amatuer Loretta Lynn’s Motocross is then I would suggest you watch the following videos to learn more.

Road to Loretta Lynn Motocross: Summer MotoX Preparation


Road to Loretta Lynn Motocross : Working to Ride


Road to Loretta Lynn Motocross : MX Friends and Foes

Road to Loretta Lynn Motocross: The Will to Win



After watching these videos you can really get a sense of what we have going on here with the Mayhem Racing Team. We are taking average kids and training them and working with them every day to be above average in every aspect of their lives, not just in motocross. We tell these kids that the sky couldn’t possibly be the only limit but they have to work hard on and off the track to achieve their dreams.

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