Mission Statement

Mayhem Racing Team Mission Statement:

Here at Mayhem Racing, our main goal is to develop great motocross riders while promoting sportsmanship and healthy competition in a fun, positive environment through the sport of motocross . We want to help our young riders become confident in themselves and their racing skills and also instill a lifelong love for the wonderful sport of motocross.

Mayhem Racing Team Goals:

To provide progressive motocross training for all skill levels of riders and  racers. 

To create good athletes.

To develop good sportsmanship and promote team unity.

To provide open and continuous communication to the riders and their parents.

To provide each of our riders with the opportunity to achieve the goals they set forth for themselves in riding and racing.

To provide the opportunity for anyone to participate in the sport of motocross regardless of sex, age, race, or socioeconomic status.

Mayhem Racing Team Rules:

1. Be on time.

2. Tell the truth.

3. Be respectful to coaches, teammates, racetrack management & racetrack employees.

4. Race day and Road Trip Conduct: All racers are expected to act and appear in a fashion that reflects the pride they have in themselves and their team. Wherever we go, we represent the Mayhem Racing Team, our sponsors, our racing community, and our local community at home. That means that we practice good sportsmanship, courtesy, and civility toward other racing teams, their coaches and fans, race course officials, and any other members of the general public that we encounter. 

5. Obey all Mayhem Racing Team rules.

Mayhem Racing Team Philosophy:

1. Make every practice ride count towards becoming a better rider and racer.

2.  Give your best in every single race no matter what the outcome will be.

3.  Contribute to the team as an individual and a team member.

4. Never give up. Ever!

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